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The Club

Now, your first question is probably “how much does it cost?” but we’re going to ignore that and pretend you said:

What Are You People?

An oddity, mostly.  Although we are a ‘backyard’ school in size, we are more like a commercial school in terms of accessibility.

What does this mean?  Typically, in ‘backyard’ or ‘garage’ clubs, the student enrolment is usually low, the school’s style is not watered down for mass appeal and gaining admittance can be a real chore if the right people aren’t willing to sponsor you.

In commercial schools, because the instructor is paying a higher rent, and more for lights and heating, etc. he or she is very interested in attracting as many students to join and pay their fees.  Occasionally, the school might be the instructor’s sole means of support.

In a situation like that, scaring off potential students would be the financial equivalent of slitting one’s own throat.  So what happens?  The curriculum is geared towards the lowest common denominator, made a little flashier perhaps – more attractive to the average student, but less useful for actual self-defense.

So Where Does Your Club Fit in All This?

Other than the fact that we are easy to find, and it isn’t that onerous to join, we are not a commercial club.  At absolute capacity, we can only take about 20 students, and 16 is about the upper limit for comfort.  Because nobody is making their living here, we have no interest in making things more palatable for the consumer.  We recognize this isn’t the club for everyone, and can recommend a different school if we feel it would serve a potential student’s needs better.

Everybody has different needs.  Some people want belt ranks and a strict hierarchy, others want less structure.  We would prefer that a student find the school that fits best, whether that is us or someone else.

Then What Will I Learn?

It is extremely difficult to nail down our curriculum, mostly on purpose.  One of our strengths is that we recognize that every student is different and that a single approach is not sufficient to handle the variety of needs, interests and physical attributes of each person.

Consequently, we don’t believe that there is one true way that will solve everybody’s problems.  Students are encouraged to explore, experiment, question, revise, and discover what works best for that individual.

Stop me if you’ve heard this one:

While on a business trip, an avid golfer manages to squeeze in a golf game on one of the local courses.

One of the holes is just wicked – a big dogleg around a lake.  The caddy mentions that just last week he caddied for Tiger Woods, and that Woods used a 2 iron for this particular problem.

“A 2 iron?” asks the golfer, incredulous.  The caddy shrugs.

Well, if it’s good enough for Tiger Woods, he decides, selects the 2 iron and plunk, his ball goes straight into the middle of the lake.

“Sonovabitch,” says the caddy.  “Same thing happened to Tiger.”

How Do I Get Started?

Come and either watch or participate in a class for free, to understand just what it is we do.  If you plan on participating (which is highly recommended), bring workout clothes, running shoes and a water bottle, and we’ll take care of the rest.


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